Phoebe Hunt & Dominick Leslie’s performance at The Austin Music Awards “set the pace”, and “begged more than one tune. -Austin Chronicle 

Phoebe Hunt and husband Dominick Leslie, invited to be a part of the 2018 Austin Music Awards, performed as part of the ‘borderless love’ segment of the awards show.  Representing global travel and the universal language of music, the duo offered a fresh, organic soundscape to the evenings musical landscape.  

For the second year in a row, this show was held at the prestigious Moody Theater in the heart of Austin, TX, honoring musicians from Austin for the time poured into their craft.  

Leslie commented of his trip to Austin, We were treated like total rock stars at the Austin Music Awards. They had my octave mando cranked through the system and Phoebe’s presence lit up the room. They put us up at the Hotel San Jose near downtown but just far away enough to keep that “hip” Austin vibe. It also happened to be next door to my favorite coffee shop in town and we managed to squeeze in a date night at Uchi, our favorite restaurant. So we were really living on the lap of luxury there for a few nights until I had to travel back to NY for a Grant Gordy gig at Rockwood who I also love playing with.

Here are some press quotes on the duo’s performance following the event:

“Up-and-comers like Phoebe Hunt flaunt not only their talent but their knack for finding space inside the sometimes narrow convention of folk-tinged Americana”                                                                          - Glide Magazine

“Phoebe Hunt and David Ramirez set the pace with an opening segment drawing on folk, rock, indie and world-music influences.”    - Austin Chronicle Music Blog

“Uplifting and mournful all at once, Torres' fleeting moment of chamber folk fed seamlessly into Phoebe Hunt's Indian-Americana. She and husband Dominick Leslie duetted her fiddle and his picking into a classical pop also begging more than one tune.”                                                                   - The Austin Chronicle

Hunt comments of her experience "It felt comforting to be back in Austin, reconnecting with so many friends and musicians.  One of my highlights was meeting fiddler Jenavieve Varga, who must have moved to Austin since I have been away.  She is a delight to play with and brought such an authentic spirit to the whole hullabaloo.  It's always a pleasure to get to play with Charlie Sexton who seems to have a mystical way of wrangling artists with a gentle touch.  The whole night felt sort of like a dream, and it was inspiring to see so many people coming together over the shared love of music.  Humble bow to the incredible staff that managed to pull off so many details with such grace and ease."