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Fuel our Fire

It starts with YOU.

By participating in Phoebe’s online workshops, and reflecting on your own creative journey, you are opening the door for others to do the same.  Your support allows Phoebe to work with War Veterans, Youth from all Across the world, and an ever expanding network of partner artists and education providers through her non profit, Fuel Our Fire.


Reveille Songwriting Retreat

Annual Songwriting Retreat in partnership with Soldier Songs and Voices and TR Ranch

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Seeds of Music

Along side young musicians Crying Uncle, Daisy an Sage Kerr and CJ Neary, Phoebe and this group express the essential elements required for watering the “Seeds Of Music” that live inside of us all. Click below to watch the TEDx filmed in Palo Alto, CA on Oct 28th, 2018.

Coming Soon… Seeds Of Music Interactive platform bridging the gap between touring artists and education providers.

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One Village Music Project

Phoebe has produced 4 albums with over 60 youth from 14 countries through her work with the One Village Music Project


Big Sur Fiddle Camp

For the past 3 years, Phoebe has facilitated the Big Sur Fiddle Camp as Creative Director.


Songs For Standing Rock

Phoebe directed the creation of Song’s For Standing Rock to support the indigenous people of our land. 90 artists donated songs to support standing rock, generating 6 digital albums.