Phoebe Hunt & The Gatherers Join March For Our Lives Movement

New Single “Marching On” Due This Friday

“We are waking from our sleep and know our numbers make you weak, so we’ll keep Marching On”


Phoebe Hunt’s timely new single “Marching On" is a celebration of the awakening that is happening in our country. This past weekend’s March For Our Lives, hosted by the youth of our nation, is a testament to the millions of people who are willing to stand connected and united in the name of change. Hunt observes, “The youth are reminding us that the power of the spoken word is still the sword with the greatest impact. We must continue tipping the scale, pushing against the voice of oppression, and demonstrating the strength of unity.” The new single will be released on all major services this Friday. 


Keeping us focused on this tipping point moment in world history, “Marching On” is an anthem for the times. Artists are now rising up to join in with the youth and women of our country who have paved the way for the turning point that can only come as the people continue to fearlessly stand together for what they believe in.

“Marching On” is the first of four singles Hunt will release this year following the cycle of the seasons. "Being about rebirth, creation, action, awakening and vibrance, spring, especially this spring, I feel called to being part of a bigger picture,” says Hunt. “There is a call to action in the air, reminding us that it has always been the strength of the people coming together with a united voice that has inspired change in any capacity.”

Hunt’s 2017 full-length release Shanti’s Shadow “reignited her solo career” according to Rolling Stone, hinting at “otherworldly music within.” Along with her band, The Gatherers, Hunt has found the musical wings upon which to soar within her unique world of artistic expression. From American Songwriter to NPR’s Heavy Rotation, her music is reaching an audience that listens beyond the status quo.