Shanti's Shadow Lyrics


Frolic Of The Bees

Written by Phoebe Hunt and Dominick Leslie

Come all the wild ones, Come all the thieves
Come all you furry feathered friends
Where we are headed, Know one can harm you
Anyone can stay until the end

Bring what you carry, Love what you marry
We’ll toast your tattered taken time
The Bars are lifted, The moments shifted
You will never know what you might find

Instrumental Interlude

You in the flames there, Burn through the night now
You with your steady studded hand
Holding the crimson, holding the pistol
Witnessing the frolic of the land

Shedding our skin here, the medicine’s here
Here we can cleanse our crystal clear
The moon has risen, the answer given
Thrown into the flames we disappear

V 1 Repeat

Pink and Blue

Written by Phoebe Hunt

I like to pick at my wounds until the bleed
Take in the moon on a bended knee
Stare at the sky in the morning light
Pink and Blue are the color of God’s eyes

There’s a bell that rings when the school day ends
That’s not the bell that rings for me
Sitting here till I make amends
Sitting here till I am free
Only then will it ring for me

The morning air so damp the dew
I know you can feel it to
Burning off this childish pain
Help me see the endless change
Running again and again I stray
From what do I run away
Searching for what is underneath
Knowing here I am complete

I like to pick at my wounds until the bleed…

Lint Head Gal

Written by Phoebe Hunt, Dominick Leslie, Kai Welch, Heather Robb, and Sean Mullins

Mando at top

I aint gonna be no farmers wife
I’m moving to the city
I’m bound to be a lint head gal
I’m gonna change my world

I’m picking up, I’m putting down
I’m factory educated
I never tried to be civilized
But I can change my world

B Part (5 beats of D)

Aint got a ma, aint got a pa,
Aint got no blood related
I once had a man, but away I ran,
He couldn’t keep me satiated
Love is over rated

A Part A Part

Yeah I can see right through the mud,
Right through the bone and marrow
I’m getting back down where the blood hits the ground,
I’m flying like a sparrow
I’m flying like a sparrow

B Part

My hands are hard as any mans
My head is even harder
I don’t make the rules, don’t you suffer fools
I got a razer in my garder

I aint your little Omie Wise
I’m not your Pretty Polly
I’m not your God Damned Lint Head Gal
I’m Gonna Change My World


The sun is gone, the dark sets in
Come listen to my story
About your dark eyed lint head gal
Of Mercy and of Glory
Of Mercy and of Glory

Take Me Home

Written by Phoebe Hunt and Kelly Mickwee

Boathouse, Highway, Airplane flying
My soul’s crying take me home
Sidewalk lovers, stormcloud covers
Small talk hovers, take me home

Sing to me, quietly
Walk with me slowly
Dance with me, smile for me, comfort me hold me
Somehow I’ve ended up tattered and torn,
Take me home

Self betraying, memories fraying
But I’ll keep praying take me home
Quiet, needing sleepless dreaming
Loving healing take me home

What makes me think that I’m better alone?
Take me home

La da da…

Why do I run from the places I know?
Take Me Home

Call My Bluff

Trying so hard to keep my balances unknown
You would never know I’m from a broken home

Call my bluff, if you must
Tell the soldier on the corner
Lay it down and turn around
We all have bills to pay

Saving all my tears up for a rainy day
Stepping stones keep falling from beneath the ground
Though the stream keeps pulling me to be unbound
Fly away if you dare, there’s a choice in every moment

Lay it down and turn around
We’ve all got words to say

Saving all my tears up for a rainy day…

Round and Around

Written by Phoebe Hunt and Dominick Leslie

Where is the line between your heart and mine?
Where does the road meet the ground?
How does the wind climb up over the hills
And what keeps those fans spinning round and around?

What is the difference between you and me?
Why does the soul make no sound?
How does the flame burn up into the night?
And what keeps the world turning round and around and around?

Somewhere the apple is far from the tree
And someone is calming you down
Cuz somehow the difference between you and me
Has kept you from coming around and around and around

Where is the line between your heart and mine?
And Where does the road meet the ground?
Cuz somehow the difference between you and me
Has kept you from coming around and around and around

New York

Written by Phoebe Hunt

I’m headed to New York for the month of July
Will it suck me up will it leave me dry?
WIll it stone me cold? Will it eat me up alive?

I’m a country girl with a city drive
And there’s a small town waiting for me if I die
If I look back now, I’ll be running for the rest of my life

City sleep inside me leave me whole through the darkest nights
Let me shine through these bright lights
Take me in

I think of slow down Sally
Think of take that ride
Time to play
Think of flying high
Think of keeping cool
Think of going deep inside

There is a wave to catch
There’s a thrill a tide
There’s a flowing stream
And there’s a party tonight
There’s a friend waiting for me at the corner on the other side


I think of stickin’ around when I look in your eyes
Never scared of nothin’ never compromise
Ever pure of heart, ever open for another ride

And so I take your hand and I squeeze it tight
Hoping you’ll stick by and keep me warm at night
And we take this city by storm for the month of July


Just For Tonight

Written by Phoebe Hunt

Just for tonight let me hold you like I’ve never held you before
Just for tonight let me haunt your memories
Can we fly through the night on a gold tapestry
Waking up in the morn to our river of dreams
Just for tonight

Just for tonight won’t you hold me like you’ve never held me before
Just for tonight put your hand on my skin
With a comforting glance wash away all my pain
Won’t you ask me to dance on that fairyland train
Just hold me tight

Won’t you see through your eyes what you never have seen
With the waive of your hands wipe the tarnished slate clean
Let us not be concerned what the future may bring

Just for tonight I will love you like I’ve never loved you before
Just for tonight in our candlelit room

Let the stillness in you clear the shadows in me
Let me look through your eyes and see nothing but peace
Knowing you’re by my side knowing not what I’ve seen
Just hold me tight
Just for tonight


Written by Phoebe Hunt and Dominick Leslie

You are young
You are wild
You watch over me
Inner child Running Free
I am not alone

You are bold
You can fly
Take me by the hand
Innocence you command
Won’t you take me home?

Scriptures say
Takes me far away from where I stand and what I see
Right in front of me

And I know that time is king
Its holding everything
You are young and you are wild
Won’t you take me home?

I Really Love

Written by Phoebe Hunt

I really love putting the phone down and spacing out for an hour
Feeling the water touching my brow in the shower
Hearing the sound of piano downstairs
Watching the smoke disappear into the air
And singing

I really love...

I really love losing track of the seconds that pass while I sleep
Staying off course so they drift on away while I’m awake
The spinning sensations that role through my spine
Diving down deep in into the depths of my mind
And singing

I really love
I really love….
(add libs)