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Mystical Indie Folk

Inner Soul Exploration

Neither One Of Us Is Wrong | Phoebe Hunt

Neither One of Us Is Wrong

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Now - September 30


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Beneath the Surface of a Song

November 10 - December 15, Sundays 2-4PM CT
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Accompanying Neither One Of Us Is Wrong, Hunt is releasing her first ONLINE COURSE, Beneath The Surface Of A Song. “I see music, and art in general, as an opportunity to interpret and transmute the experiences we collectively encounter as we journey through life on this planet.”

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 Giving Back

The Investment you make in my music and your own creative growth supports the creative growth in others!

- Phoebe

Shanti's Shadow | Phoebe Hunt & The Gatherers
Shanti’s Shadow breathes new life into a genre that’s sometimes so respectful of the past, it fails to push toward the future. Hunt certainly doesn’t neglect her roots, but she doesn’t wallow in the dirt of her influences, either.
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