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Mystical Indie Folk - Inner Soul Exploration
Neither One Of Us Is Wrong | Phoebe Hunt

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Now - Sept 30th


Beneath The Surface Of A Song

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I see music, and art in general, as an opportunity to interpret and transmute the experiences we collectively encounter as we journey through life on this planet. - Phoebe Hunt

Accompanying Neither One Of Us Is Wrong, Hunt is releasing her first ONLINE COURSE, Beneath The Surface Of A Song, available as a tax write off exclusively through the Indiegogo album campaign.

Nov 12 - Dec 18, Tues or Weds 7-9PM CT
Early Reg ends Sept 30th

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The Investment you make in my music and your own creative growth supports the creative growth in others!

- Phoebe


 Journey Along

Complete Deluxe Digital Download Package


An online bonus, this package includes a Digital Deluxe Package of ALL Phoebe’s albums, including:

• Live At The Cactus Cafe
• Phoebe Hunt EP
• Walk With Me
• Shanti’s Shadow
• Neither One Of Us Is Wrong

Deluxe Digital Downloads include:

• Lyrics to all songs
• Stories behind every song
• Inquires for you to journal along with that bring up the themes of the songs.

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Get an Autographed Copy of the new album, PLUS a Deluxe Digital Download Including: -Story Behind Each Song - Inquiry For Each Song so you can explore your own creative process! -Song Lyrics - Download Of Each Song



Phoebe has been practicing yoga for most of her life as her parents met at the IYI yoga ashram in NYC. For the first time, she is stepping out as a guide for others to practice yoga, or union of the mind, body, and spirit. This is a beginner friendly demonstration guide that an experienced practitioner will also benefit from.

CD Bundle - Shanti’s Shadow, Walk With Me, Live Album


Get a Hard Copy CD Bundle of ALL Past releases!

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