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Beneath The Surface Of A Song

6-Week Live webinar workshop guided by Phoebe Hunt

Nov 12th - Dec 11th + Jan 7/8, Tues or Weds 7-9PM CT
Early Reg ends Sept 30th

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Transitioning into winter, that which is surface begins to fall away. It is in these introspective months that we turn inward, reflecting on what has transpired. This course will explore the mystery which lies beneath the surface of our own inner story. Drawing on the timeless knowledge of Joseph Campbell, the sacred Reiki energy, as well as the yogic principles of satya (truth), and the sutras of Patanjali, ”Beneath The Surface Of A Song offers tools for connecting the hidden parts of ourselves to our own creative journey.” What flows as we tap into our inner well often comes as a surprising bursts of creativity. My hope is that through participating in this 6-week course leading up to and through the winter solstice, you will prepare yourself for a year (and perhaps a lifetime) of creating, writing, and living from this deeper layer of you, expressing your art from a greater inner knowing of your own divine purpose.

This course will be highly collaborative! Those who attend in person will have opportunities for sharing their creative work in “the hot seat”, and receiving feedback. Songwriters and non-songwriters alike are welcome to attend. To gain the most from this, plan to attend each week as the experience builds cumulatively. If you have a TRUE schedule conflict, know that the class will be recorded and emailed to you.

Course References

The Artists Way, Julia Cameron
The Course In Miracles
Patanjali Yoga Sutras (Translation by Swami Satchidananda)
The Hero’s Journey, Joseph Campbell
Seven Laws of Spiritual Success, Depak Chopra
The Celestine Series (James Redfield)

Self Investment

Early Registration: Aug 25-Sept 30th, $250
Standard Registration: Oct 1 - Nov 30, $300

Early Registration will be exclusively held through Phoebe's crowdfunding campaign for her upcoming album, Neither One Of Us Is Wrong.



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"I first had the chance to work with Phoebe when I was seventeen years old, and I can honestly say that it was exactly what I needed at the time. Phoebe's undying optimism coupled with her exceptional musicianship is enough to set her apart, but what makes her even more unique is her constant effort to share her joy of creativity with the wider world. Her influence has forever since been a reminder that whenever I find myself being caught up in frustration or doubt, to simply turn inward and remember what it is that really calls us to do this work" - Ray Duncan

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"Phoebe is a special heart filled cosmic sister that brings light, wisdom, kindness, grace, timelessness, "worldliness," spiritually centered grounding, generosity, talent, ease and humor...wherever she is. Phoebe is a gift to this Universe and I love having her in my life!!" - Edee Gail

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"I have had the great fortune and pleasure to work with Phoebe in several different settings and projects and she is always incredibly attentive, intuitive, and gifted. She has a talent to help draw out the meaning and scope of songs through her explorative and authentic questioning, and to offer practical suggestion on messaging and direction. She is loving, kind, energetic, enthusiastic and an absolute blast to work with." - Adam McCabe

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“Phoebe has a unique gift of being present and open to inspiring and being inspired by everyone she interacts with. This has allowed her to pursue both her musical dreams as well as her dreams of using music as a tool to healing and building society - because she understands the vessel that either a conversation or a song can be to change a life.” - Mark Godges, Hip-Hop musician and student of Phoebe


“I have learned how to appreciate my past and where I come from by knowing who I am and what my purpose in life. Music gave me the courage to feel, heal and embrace the path I walk in my divine knowing to always trust my vision and my gut to heal the world around me and for those surrounding me. Music is the medicine tool that I have learned from Phoebe and the One Village Music Project and how to live in community.” - Naomi Mwangi, Meru, Kenya


"I have had the pleasure of watching the creative talent of Phoebe Hunt flourish over the 15 years that I have known her. I first met Phoebe when she was competing in the Open Division of the Texas State Fiddle Championships and later as a participant in our Live Oak Fiddle camp. She clearly stood out among the participants with her positive energy and intense focus on improving the depth and breadth of her musicianship. Wanting to expand her songwriting and performance skills, she entered our Songwriter Serenade competition and won it by a landslide after only her second year of songwriting.

Phoebe has evolved into a creative force not only successfully expanding her career but energizing the careers of countless other musicians that she collaborates with. Best of all, she generously gives her time and energy to enhance the lives of others. Through her Fuel Our Fire Organization and the Reveille Songwriter Retreat, Phoebe works with disadvantaged children and our veterans to expose them to the healing power of music."
- Tom McDaniel