Walk With Me

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Walk With Me 2015.jpg

Walk With Me


Released August 26, 2014

Phoebe Hunt and The Gatherers Featuring Connor Forsyth

"When pianist Connor Forsyth locks in with Hunt's violin… it's musical beauty of the highest order."

ACL Review by Brad Buchholz Austin 360.com

Phoebe Hunt and Connor Forsyth have been performing together for over 6 years and their musical connection can not be denied. Their music is based in the roots of american music. Forsyth's multi-instrumental command over the piano, guitar and most recently the banjo compliments Hunt's intimate and sultry vocals and soulful fiddle style creating a seemingly effortless dynamic that leaves listeners intrigued and wanting more.

Joined by Marshall Hood on the guitar, Kris Wade on the Bass, Robb Kidd on the Drums this album was recorded at Austin Signal Studios in Austin, TX.


  1. Darkness
  2. Walk With Me
  3. You Can Love
  4. Song For Jacquelyn
  5. Before I'm Done
  6. Long Gone
  7. Walk of Angeline
  8. Flee Fly Flow Flum
  9. You Know By Now
  10. Warm Summers Evening
  11. Send Out Your Love

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